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Company Directory

Corporation Officers 
Cindy McKnight  Owner/Manager

Chief Executive Officer

Company President, She has the

full authority over the company's  total administration and strategy.

Michael Akens: Employee

Dir: Sales & Services

Works closely with the C.E.O.  involving company management and is in charge over training as well as sales and marketing.

Priscilla Roch: Employee

Admin Support Manager

Company Secretary over the business administration & HR.

She is in charge of all the clerical

matters for the business and reports directly to the C.E.O.


Thomas Reagor: Employee

Assistant Training Officer

Classroom & Firearms Instructor

for level 2 and level 3 training.

Legal Counsel

Van Northern Law Firm

Business & Commercial Law Attorney for the company.

Business Offices


Company Headquarters

6716 Cedar Ave

Lubbock TX 79404

Tel:  806-231-6867 Cell Phone

Tel: 806-748-1511 Land line

Company Training Academy

6716 Cedar Ave,

Lubbock Texas 79404

Tel: 806-642-3025 Cell Phone

Tel: 806-748-1511 Land Line


Firearms Training Center

6716 Cedar Ave,

Lubbock Texas 79404

Amarillo Branch Office

1901 Medi Park Dr. Suite 136

Amarillo TX 79106

Tel: 806-231-6867 Cell phone

Tel: 806-367-8430 Land Line


Cindy L. McKnight is the sole proprietor of the business and is responsible for the total operation and management for the company.

All questions concerning company licensing, credit, finances and taxes should be directed to her.
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                Customer Service 
      Available 24/7 Please Call
    (806) 231-6867 - (806) 620-0088

Priscilla Rocha is available for
live chat during the hours of
9am and 5pm Monday to Friday
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